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Waldport Library- showcasing local artists

Waldport Library- showcasing local artists

Sharon McCrum’s Artist Story...                                                          

     When I was a very small child, I began my artistic journey on green cardboard that my grandfather would bring to our house by the hundreds. The cardboard from between the sandwiches in vending machines that hardworking, hungry workers from The Dalles Dam ate every day.

     Each week another delivery of green cardboard would come to our house, and I would wear down my Crayola Crayons to almost nothing, exploring jungle scenes and forests with colors like magenta, sepia brown, and midnight blue. With four kids in the family, there wasn’t a lot of money for extras, but my mom always kept me supplied with crayons.

     As young girls, my favorite cousin, Val, and I dreamed of being artists when we grew up. However, reality came into play, and our motivations changed to different careers and family. I have been very blessed to be able to work with and for children all my adult life. This includes being an active, working advocate of literacy. Art, reading and writing have always played a part in every job I’ve held, from graphic design to art projects for kindergarteners to painting my kids’ rooms. God continues to keep life interesting (and colorful) for my household.

     Nowadays, my adventure in art is at a similar place as when I was a small child. I still want to create worlds. I have exchanged my crayons for acrylics, gouache and pen, but my desire to create heroic worlds where families, friends, animals, and amazing places are still going strong in vibrant color. The frogs and dragonfly in this book come out of my imagination after singing Five Green and Speckled Frogs to my wonderful students for fifteen years. Now, at this juncture in my life, I have found a new drive to accomplish a latent; almost hidden, desire to achieve a dream of illustrating and writing books for children- to bring my stories to a larger audience.

     The journey to become a children’s book illustrator has included experiences, education, and almost a lifetime of waiting for the right time to do it. In the last few years, my husband and I have lived through some big moments that make you realize life is very fragile. I finally said to myself, “If I don’t try now to fulfill my dreams- I never will. At last, I’m ready to stop daydreaming- to be able to tell my kids I’ve given this dream my all.”