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Moore Room Featured Artist- Susan Jones

Moore Room Featured Artist- Susan Jones

February Moore Room Feature Artist

Susan Jones

Thinking outside the basket with Sea Jellies!

First visited her grandparents in Waldport when Susan was 2 years old growing up spending numerous summer days playing on the beach at Big Stump. After living on a lake near Seattle and in the San Juan Islands in 1993 she finally got the chance to move to Waldport and live at the ocean where she felt like she found her way home.

Susan took her first basket weaving class from Judt Zaffaroni at the Yachats Commons and so began her transition from loom weaving to basket weaving. Meeting weekly for nearly a decade she learned to collect and prepare local materials such as Cedar bark, Cherry bark, sedges, tules roots and bull kelp. However, she never learned how to follow a pattern or repeat someone else’s design, preferring to “think outside the basket.”

The design of the sea jellies (not jelly fish, for they are not fish) came to her as a happy accident and she has been selling them at the Lincoln City, Salishan and Newport Farmers Markets ever since. They can also be found at the Laughing Crab Gallery in Yachats.

Recently her sculptural weavings were on display for the Mayors’ Show in the Runyan Gallery at the Newport Visual Arts Center.

In celebration of the 25th annual Newport Paper and Books Arts Festival all past instructors have been invited to show their work at the Runyan Gallery during April and May. Many more sea jellies as well as her sculptural weavings will be on display. This year Susan will be teaching a class in Vegetable Papyrus, where translucent sheets of paper will be made from thinly sliced vegetables.


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