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Waldport Public Library

Waldport Public Library Young Writers' Competition!!

Waldport Public Library Young Writers' Competition!!

The Waldport Public Library's Annual Young Writers' Competition 2021 has begun!

The past year has quite possibly been the most historic year of any in recent times.  We all have dealt with the fear and sorrow of COVID 19, along with protests, racism, violence, wildfires, homelessness, blizzards, isolation, political unrest, depression, and wearing masks.  Kids and their families have had to learn to live their lives, school, and work online.  Instead of being with friends and after-school activities like sports or dance; kids are trying to figure out how to stay active at home.  ZOOM has become a household word.  Being a young person during the past year may be like living an entire lifetime in twelve months.  It is possible that they have lived through more changes in one year than any other year of their lives so far - or maybe ever.  The Waldport Public Library Young Writers' Competition "Reading Colors Your World" 2021 is an opportunity to write about how this year has changed our lives through the eyes of teens.

The official prompt for the Waldport Public Library Young Writers' "Reading Colors Your World" 2021 Competition for fifth grade through eighth grade are considered middle school for this event.  Ninth grade through 12th grade is the high school division.  The Grand Prize of $200 can be won by a student in the middle or high school.  First prize for a high school student submission winner is $100 and second prize for a high school student is $75.  First prize for a middle school student submission winner is also $100 and second prize for middle school is $75.  Honorable Mention can go to either a high school or middle school student and awards $50.  Every participant will receive recognition and a prize.  This year, in particular, the Waldport Public Library hopes to keep all of the entries available in its historical reference collection.

Applications can be picked up at the Waldport Public Library or found at  The deadline for the essays is April 8, 2021, at 4 pm.  The Young Writers' Awards Day is April 22, 2021

The Young Writers' Competition is sponsored by the Friends of the Waldport Public Library.


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