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Waldport Public Library

WPL Seed Exchange Program! Join the Gardening Fun...

WPL Seed Exchange Program! Join the Gardening Fun...

Waldport Public Library (WPL) Seed Exchange Program!

Are you ready to garden? Do you need some seeds to get you started? If your answers are yes, to both of these questions the Waldport Library can help you with seeds for your garden.

The Waldport Public Library, part of the Chinook Library Network, and Chinook Library Network libraries have lots of gardening books available to check-out for your green thumbs needs.

Waldport Public Library has started their annual WPL Seed Exchange Program at the library. The WPL Seed Exchange Program is a program where community members can both drop-off unopened newer seed packets at the library for others to plant, or you can pick-up a few seed packets to plant a flower or veggie garden.

This year we also have a Companion Planting Chart to pick-up when you pick-up or exchange seed packets. The chart helps tells you what plants are companion plants or work well and thrive growing next to one another and which plants are not good companion plants, meaning you do not want to plant them next to one another.


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