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Library Card Application

  • Fill Out Card Application Bring to Waldport Library

    The application below can be filled in and brought to the library to be processed. After being processed your card will be mailed to you.


    I apply for the rights to use the Library and promise to comply with all its rules, to pay fees charged to me promptly, and to give immediate notice of changes in my contact information.                          

    Print Full Name___________________________________________________

    Mailing Address__________________________________________________

    Street Address_____________________________________________ 

    Phone __________________  Cell ____________________

    Email____________________________Birth Date________

    1st Reference______________________Phone____________________


    2nd Reference_________________________Phone____________________


    A parent's permission is required for children under 18 years of age. For Parent/Guardian to complete:

    I agree to be responsible for my child's compliance with the Library rules and fees. I am aware that the Library does not restrict access to any library materials on the basis of age. This includes access to the Internet. Knowing this, I give permission for this minor to hold a library card. I accept responsibility for his/her selection of and use of library materials, and use of the Internet.

    _________________________        ______________________                     

    Parent/guardian signature                  Printed  name

    Mailing Address: _____________________________________


    Phone ________________ Email _______________________


                  Minor signature

    * PLEASE NOTE: As a member of the Chinook Library Network, Waldport Public Library shares borrower registration information with other consortium libraries.

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