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  • Celebrating Community!!

    The beautiful ceramic book tiles, by Blythe Collins-Niskanen, give thanks to the major contributors of the Waldport Public Library's expansion.

    The following is a list of contributions from grantors, local businesses and volunteers. We are most grateful.

      City of Waldport Urban Renewal       $50,000 
    Siletz Charitable Fund                     $25,000
    Friends of Waldport Public Library      $40,000
    Gift by Anonymous-2003                    $13,000
    Ted Harber Electric                             Labor
    Angell Job Corps Pre-apprenticeship Programs:
         Union Painters
         Union Carpenters
    Collins Foundation                             $7,500
    Trust Management Services, LLC        $6,954
     Spirit Mountain Community Fund        $5,000
    Wianco Family Trust                            $4,500
    Pioneer Telephone Coop                     $1,000 & Labor
    Dahl Disposal Services                           Services 
    Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust           $2,500
    Norm Hooker                                      Labor
    Juan Young Trust                                 $2,000
             Harry Hawks & Family
         Joy of Reading
    Newport Masonic Lodge: in memory of Frank Lund $1,000
      Ray Breganzer
      Betty S. Lattie
      Rick & Mary Hill
    Twy Hoch
    Board of Trustees: Eugene Moore, Chuck Church, Vic Bucy, Charles Lediard; Greg Danelz; Shirley Haines
    Artists: Blythe Collins-Niskanen; Gary Power, Barbara Smith-Huggins; Quirina Kryger, Tom Roker.


    An Extra Serving of Thanks

    It’s Thanksgiving time at the Waldport Public Library.  Though we won’t be serving turkey, we do want to give second helpings of “appreciation” to those businesses, donors, grantors and volunteers that contributed to the remodel of our building.

    The Waldport Urban Renewal and an anonymous donation made in 2003 started us off in the funding. A $25,000 grant from Siletz Confederated Tribe Charitable Fund gave us confidence the project would be funded.  The Friends of the Library committed to the project and not only raised funds through book sales, but also through grant applications. They were awarded $23,954 in 5 grants from Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust, Spirit Mountain Community Fund, The Collins Foundation, and Trust Management Services. 

    A number of our local businesses stepped up to help us. Ted of Harber Electric did our wiring for the cost of fixtures, saving us over $20,000.  Dahl Disposal contributed over $1500 worth of hauling services. We filled 5 large containers and uncounted small bins.  Pioneer Telephone Cooperative contributed not only money, but also the crew to pull the wires for the computers.    I don’t think any of the crew got away without doing some work over here.  Vince Emge was great with his “we will figure it out” attitude.

    There are pages that can be written to the students and instructors of Angell Job Corps for their time on the job and extra effort to get this job done.  The Union Pre-apprenticeship Carpentry and Painting programs spent months on this project.  Under the supervision of carpentry instructor Buck Hobbs the carpenters installed the sheetrock.  Then instructor Rich Bappe brought the painters to finish and texture the walls and ceilings.  Finally, they got to actually paint.  The staining and varnishing of the giant beams really set off the entry.  The painting students contributed over 2000 man hours into the project.   We hope the students gained from their work here. We know we have by far benefited the most from this alliance.

    Special thanks to Richard Iverson Construction and Michael Watkins Construction.  Richard was so very patient waiting while we gathered the funding.  Few contractors would have been so willing to work on this old building giving it yet another life.

    We have passed final inspections and we are plotting our new shelving. The community seems pleased and we hope they will enjoy the expanded space for children’s services, computers, and of course a growing collection of books and media.


    Jill Tierce, Director

    Waldport Public Library   

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