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Festival Vendors Information

Waldport Public Library

A Universe of Heroes Cosplay Festival 2019

Vendor Information

Date:  August 3, 2019

Time: 9:00 am – 6:00 am

Vendor Fee: $20

Space Size: 10x10 (Must bring own tents, chairs, tables, etc.)

Only two sites available for electricity.

This is a cosplay event.  Vendors with theme products are given first consideration.

Vendors are welcome to come in costume but must follow rules and weapons must be peace bonded.  Check the website https://www.waldportlibrary.org/universe-of-heroes-cosplay-festival/universe-of-heroes-cosplay-festival-policies for costume rules.

Set up: Saturday, August 3, from 7am-8:30am (No EARLY set up). You will NOT be able to bring your vehicle through the market after 8:15 AM so plan accordingly.

Tear Down: NO EARLY BREAKDOWNS. Vehicles will be allowed in at 6:15 pm for safety of consumers. Please have parking lot cleared out by 8pm.

Things to keep in mind:

This is an outdoor event. This event will be held rain or shine, there will be no refund for inclement weather.  You must provide your own shade, tables, etc. None will be available for rent.

If you bring a canopy tent for shade etc. you MUST bring weights (no less than 25lbs per leg) for your tent. It is very windy on the Coast. Not only can a tent be expensive for you to replace, having one fly can be dangerous for everyone.

We do not have Wifi available.

Register online at https://bitty.ch/gat5d

Questions:  Contact Sue Bennett, Waldport Public Library-541-563-5880

Maps of booth spaces will be sent out week before the event.


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